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& Helpful Hints!

Appliances & Toilets

Will be removed and replaced by your installer (charges may apply). Disconnecting water lines sometimes causes plumbing problems with older refrigerators, washers, and toilets. In some cases, a plumber may be required at your expense.

Door Cutting

May be required for proper carpet, tile, and wood clearance,. The installer will remove the doors to install you new floor, but will not be able to cut them if necessary.

Floor Prep

Is included in the installation. Sometimes, when removing existing floors, the subfloor needs to be repaired, rebuilt, or leveled. If unforeseen floor prep is discovered, your installer and Georgia Carpet World will discuss your options with you. Additional charges may apply.


Will be released into the air when removing your existing floor. We do everything possible to minimize dust, however, some should be expected.


Are inevitable in most installations, and are not invisible. Your installer will make any necessary seams according to Carpet and Rug Institute Guidelines, but chances are, you will still see them.

Carpet Removal

Is the installer's responsibility, he will cut and fold it and stack it on your curb for garbage pick up. Or, if you wish your installer to haul the old carpet away, a small environmental fee may be charged.


Can be damaged during installation and may need replacing and/or touch-up painting which will be your responsibility.